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Promoting innovative automation solutions

Our SDRs initiate targeted outreach, uncover opportunities, and schedule appointments for you to showcase your solution firsthand.

Statistics & Impacts

Exclusive working with automation solution providers

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Our expertise areas

Automation solutions we are familiar with

We are familiar with a wide range of automation solutions across various industries from smart manufacturing to drones and service robotics.

Additive Manufacturing

Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) Parts, Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) Parts, Material Extrusion Parts, Composite 3D Printed Parts and much more...


Industrial, Collaborative (Cobots), AMRs, AGVs, Service Robots, Agribots, UAVs, Drones, SCARA, Delta, Cartesian, Dual -Arm-Robots, and much more...

Smart Manufacturing

Process Monitoring & Optimization, Continuous Improvement, Advanced AI, Inventory Management, Digital Twins, and much more...

Industrial Machinery

Machine Tools, Packaging, Printing Labelling Equipment, Forklifts, Conveyors, Manipulators, Furnaces, Injection Moulding, CNC, Cranes, and much more...

Industry 4.0 Software

Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), Predictive Maintenance Platforms, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Platforms, Advanced Analytics and (AI), and much more...

End-of-arm tooling (EOAT)

Tool Changers, Vacuum Cups, Wrist Tooling, Vision Systems, Sensors, Dispensers, Spray Nozzles, Welding Guns, Torches, Applicators, and much more...

Our Solutions

How our team will help your business

Apart from understanding the applications these solutions will serve, our team is committed to scheduling meaningful conversations for your salespeople.

Performing targeted outreach

Our SDRs can identify and reach out to key decision-makers within manufacturing companies through personalized emails and/or phone calls. By understanding the industry landscape and the challenges faced by manufacturers, our team will tailor the message to resonate with the specific needs of each prospect.

  • Higher relevance
    Targeted outreach ensures that your message resonates with their specific needs and challenges.
  • Conversation rate
    Engage in meaningful conversations with individuals who are already interested in what you have to offer.

Listening and asking probing questions

During conversations with manufacturers, our SDRs will focus on actively listening to their pain points and challenges. Asking probing questions to uncover underlying issues and gain a deeper understanding of the specific automation needs of each prospect.

  • Understanding need
    Tailoring responses and solutions to address their specific concerns effectively.
  • Build rapport
    Listening to the person’s perspective it helps to build rapport and trust.

Your brand will be exposed

After understanding the challenges, SDRs can articulate how your automation solutions directly address those pain points. By offering tailored solutions, they showcase your brand’s ability to provide targeted and effective answers to manufacturing needs.

  • Positive interactions
    Creating positive interactions with prospects is crucial for establishing trust and building brand resonance .
  • Top-of-mind
    Regular outreach, ensures that your brand remains visible and top-of-mind for potential customers.

You will gain faster market insights

Our SDRs serve as a crucial feedback loop between the market and your organization. They can relay important information back to your product development, marketing, and sales teams, helping to shape strategies and refine offerings based on real-world feedback.

  • Feedback loop
    Which applications and products have been implemented and will in the near future.
  • Stay agile
    SDRs regularly speaking with potential customers helps stay informed about the latest trends.

Steping into a new market?

Whether you’re seeking to develop your current market or explore new ones, we can assist you by putting you in front of numerous qualified opportunities.

Cold calling

Manufacturing relationships are often long-term and built on trust. Cold calling provides an opportunity for sales teams to initiate and nurture these relationships from the outset, laying a strong foundation for future collaboration.

leads from exhibitions

Reaching leads from exhibitions involves a systematic approach to engaging with individuals who have shown interest in your products at trade shows. Following up with these participants through calls to further qualify their interest is an ideal strategy.

multi-channel outreach

We utilize various channels to increase engagement likelihood. This tailored approach leads to higher response rates and engagement levels, as prospects are more inclined to interact with messages delivered through their preferred channels.

Frequently Asked Questions

We take KPIs very seriously, so when appointments are booked, we ensure that prospects will participate in the demo calls. These calls typically occur on Microsoft Teams or Google Meets. In case of cancellation, we will reschedule the appointment.

If a no-show occurs, we will follow up and reschedule. We only consider appointments where the prospect shows up in our KPI assessment.

The service price depends on the chosen region, segments, contract/campaign length, and local language. For more information about our service prices, please contact us.

You will only be charged once the previous monthly KPIs are met. This means we also bear the risk; if KPIs are not met, we incur operational costs. To learn more, please book a discovery call with us.

Internal hiring for lead generation through calling demands extensive training, infrastructure setup, and ongoing management, which can be time-consuming and costly. Outsourcing R&B services allows you to leverage established expertise, resources, and extensive networks, accelerating your lead generation efforts while freeing up internal resources for other strategic initiatives.

While you may have the capacity to handle cold calls internally, partnering with R&B offers several advantages. Firstly, R&B specializes in lead generation, bringing expertise, experience, and refined strategies to the table. We can efficiently target and qualify leads, maximizing your chances of success. Additionally, outsourcing to R&B frees up your internal team to focus on core business activities, enhancing productivity and efficiency. Lastly, R&B often has access to advanced technology and industry insights, further optimizing your lead generation efforts.

Absolutely not. Meetings that did not occur due to the prospect’s inability to show up will not be counted in the KPIs and therefore won’t be charged.

Clients choose R&B for specialized industry knowledge, strategic networking, and proven expertise in engaging decision-makers. The team’s data-driven approach, efficient appointment setting, and track record of delivering results make R&B a trusted partner in smart manufacturing and industrial automation.

If you don’t find your answer, feel free to give us a call or drop us a note