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We take great pride in our role as facilitators of pre-sales activities, leveraging our expertise to open doors to potential customers for the projects we’ve collaborated on in the past.

"Partnering with R&B was crucial for GRS ( Global Robotics Services). Their specialized expertise in booking appointments within our industry was a game-changer. We are thrilled with the support and efficiency they provided throughout the project."
"I appreciate the time I've worked with R&B and the invaluable market support received during our collaboration. Working with a team that understands the industry made a significant difference in implementing projects smoothly."
Henrik Elm
CEO Cobot Lift
"With their deep understanding of smart manufacturing, their team successfully navigated the complex decision-maker hierarchy in the automotive industry. "
James Finch
"Their focus on Robotics, as well as their partner-centric approach, makes their service unparalleled in the industry. I highly recommend R&B services."
Dob Todorov
Extend Robotics
Statistics & Impacts

Working exclusively with automation solution providers

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Guaranteed meetings with decision-maker
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Case stories

Our sucess stories

For campaign-based projects, customers value our pipeline-filling expertise, despite manufacturing’s longer sales cycle.

Vision System

Enabling manufacturers worldwide to maximize machine vision capabilities beyond quality inspection. 

Outcome: strategic conversations  to present solutions, understand specific challenges, and create connections that could lead to fruitful negotiations.

Applications: data collection & quality inspection

  • 70
    Booked Meetings
    In some instances, the prospect brought visual elements to the call.
  • 20K+
    Averaging 7 to 10 attempts to reach the right person inside the factory.

Warehouse Solutions

Collaborative robotics as a service (RaaS) solutions, utilizing a subscription-based model to lower upfront costs.

Outcome: meetings were scheduled with warehouse managers exploring automated sorting solutions inside the warehouse.

Applications: warehouse automation, parcel sorting

  • 45
    Booked meetings
    Your sales team can focus on closing deals rather than spending hours on qualification.
  • 10K+
    Averaging 10 to 15 attempts to reach the right person inside the warehouse.

Robotic Teleoperation

We empower users to remotely control robot arms with  VR headsets, mimicking physical presence for manipulation tasks.

Outcome: we’ve scheduled meetings with potential sales channel partners and select customers for proof-of-concept demonstrations

Applications: teleoperation, automation Co-pilot and telepresence.

  • 30
    Booked meetings
    Our SDR team booked meetings with potential System Integrators and Distributors.
  • 2K+
    Averaging 5 to 7 attempts to reach the right person among S.I/Distributors.

Steping into a new market?

Whether you’re seeking to develop your current market or explore new ones, we can assist you by putting you in front of numerous qualified opportunities

Cold calling

Manufacturing relationships are often long-term and built on trust. Cold calling provides an opportunity for sales teams to initiate and nurture these relationships from the outset, laying a strong foundation for future collaboration.

leads from exhibitions

Reaching leads from exhibitions involves a systematic approach to engaging with individuals who have shown interest in your products at trade shows. Following up with these participants through calls to further qualify their interest is an ideal strategy.

multi-channel outreach

We utilize various channels to increase engagement likelihood. This tailored approach leads to higher response rates and engagement levels, as prospects are more inclined to interact with messages delivered through their preferred channels.

Frequently Asked Questions

We take KPIs very seriously, so when appointments are booked, we ensure that prospects will participate in the demo calls. These calls typically occur on Microsoft Teams or Google Meets. In case of cancellation, we will reschedule the appointment.

If a no-show occurs, we will follow up and reschedule. We only consider appointments where the prospect shows up in our KPI assessment.

The service price depends on the chosen region, segments, contract/campaign length, and local language. For more information about our service prices, please contact us.

You will only be charged once the previous monthly KPIs are met. This means we also bear the risk; if KPIs are not met, we incur operational costs. To learn more, please book a discovery call with us.

Internal hiring for lead generation through calling demands extensive training, infrastructure setup, and ongoing management, which can be time-consuming and costly. Outsourcing R&B services allows you to leverage established expertise, resources, and extensive networks, accelerating your lead generation efforts while freeing up internal resources for other strategic initiatives.

While you may have the capacity to handle cold calls internally, partnering with R&B offers several advantages. Firstly, R&B specializes in lead generation, bringing expertise, experience, and refined strategies to the table. We can efficiently target and qualify leads, maximizing your chances of success. Additionally, outsourcing to R&B frees up your internal team to focus on core business activities, enhancing productivity and efficiency. Lastly, R&B often has access to advanced technology and industry insights, further optimizing your lead generation efforts.

Absolutely not. Meetings that did not occur due to the prospect’s inability to show up will not be counted in the KPIs and therefore won’t be charged.

Clients choose R&B for specialized industry knowledge, strategic networking, and proven expertise in engaging decision-makers. The team’s data-driven approach, efficient appointment setting, and track record of delivering results make R&B a trusted partner in smart manufacturing and industrial automation.

If you don’t find your answer, feel free to give us a call or drop us a note